Soy Yogurt Crisis: 2015 edition

WholeSoy & Co yogurt. Image credit: WholeSoy & Co (instagram)

You’ll be missed. Image credit: WholeSoy & Co (instagram)

My most popular post on this blog to date was an early post on the great Soy Yogurt Crisis of 2013.

That situation was caused by a yogurt manufacturing plant used by WholeSoy & Co. (and likely Amande and Trader Joe’s) abruptly closed its doors without notice. This occurred after a period of consolidation in the soy yogurt market, leaving the US without a plain (non-fruit flavored) soy yogurt. Flavored yogurts are great, but are not appropriate for baking, for instance.

Now, a year after WholeSoy & Co resumed production in March 2014, WholeSoy & Co issued an announcement yesterday stating that they can’t repay the debt they accumulated during the 2013 lapse in production, and have been forced to shut down.

I’m very sorry to see WholeSoy & Co go. They were a great soy yogurt brand, and were beloved by the vegan community. I hope that someone brings a plain soy yogurt to the US market market soon to begin to fill their shoes.

It’s been a while since I’ve taken inventory of the current soy yogurt offerings. In the coming weeks, I hope to look into what soy yogurts are still out there, and if any of them can stand up to what WholeSoy & Co. offered.

Do you have a favorite soy yogurt that is still available (especially with a plain flavor)?

9 thoughts on “Soy Yogurt Crisis: 2015 edition

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  2. ManhattanTransfer

    Went out today and bought as much WholeSoy as I could carry… It really is the best soy yogurt available in the US, and the unsweetened plain has no peer. I am hopeful that WhiteWave/Silk will start to produce and distribute more soy yogurt, particularly a plain version. WhiteWave bought the European soy products company Alpro a few years ago. Alpro produces an incredible soy yogurt in Europe (including a plain, but not an unsweetened plain), and WhiteWave recently completed a new soy yogurt manufacturing facility in the US (I believe it is in Pennsylvania). If they can recreate their Alpro soy yogurt recipe here in the US, we will be lucky – it is really excellent. I have already seen Silk’s new ‘Dairy Free Yogurt Alternative’ in blueberry flavor in a supermarket in Boston, so it seems like it is starting to rollout new products. As to other soy yogurts, Nancy’s is pretty awful, Stonyfield’s o’Soy is not much better and overly sweet. I have not yet had a non soy, non dairy yogurt I liked, but maybe the coconut yogurts are getting better. Interested to hear if anyone else has a non dairy yogurt they like…

    1. Ed Post author

      Thanks for the background! I’m not familiar with European soy yogurt, but I’ve heard a lot about Australian soy yogurts, so I know that they’re out there.

      I really don’t mind the flavored Silk yogurts. I don’t care for Nancy’s or o’Soy (which I accidentally tried when it contained dairy). Coconut is too rich for my taste, so I’d prefer to stick to soy.

      I’ve tried homemade vegan yogurt, but haven’t mastered it yet.

      1. Tamara

        After loving WholeSoy for so long it’s been difficult to find an alternative, but for me personally the Silk vanilla is the creamiest vegan yogurt I’ve ever had. It’s difficult to find that flavor in particular, but I’m hopeful as I’ve finally seen Silk yogurt in other flavors start to appear on the shelves at stores like Lucky’s and Safeway! Raley’s has carried it for a while, though the closest one to me is about 40 miles away.

  3. evesfca

    I hope some manufacturer will step up and fill this niche. Meanwhile, I’m trying once again to make my own soy yogurt, in my Instant Pot that has the yogurt function. It works, but I can’t say it’s as tasty as Whole Soy. I’m currently straining some of the batch to see if it’ll turn into a nice Greek-style consistency, just for fun.

    And just when I’d gotten my son off dairy yogurts and into Whole Soy! That took a lot of patience, and now this! I don’t know if he’ll EVER like my homemade, but I’m gonna try to push it. On a related note, I just bought a container of So Delicious coconut yogurt and hate it. I can still use it though, to add the bacteria to my homemade attempts at soy yogurt.

    1. Ed Post author

      Hey Eve! My homemade soy milk has been a bit strong tasting, so I assume it will make funky yogurt, but I haven’t tried it yet. I did try a cashew yogurt from Miyoko’s cookbook, but it was even funkier. Not sure if the cashews were off somehow.

      You can get vegan yogurt cultures in Whole Foods these days, which is pretty cool. I hear that the store-bought vegan yogurts don’t consistently have high bacterial content. Some of them don’t seem to be all that fermented. And coconut seems too rich for everyday-use yogurt, although I couldn’t swear that I’ve tried it.

      Some people swear by homemade peanut yogurt, as odd as that sounds. :)

  4. ceeceejames

    Oh I’m so sad!! I went looking for PLAIN Soy Yogurt with NOTHING ADDED last week and could find nothing! I wondered what had happened to the Plain Soy Yogurt we used to buy and now I know!!! Darn it!!! I guess I’ll try to make it myself…


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