This week in veganism

It’s been a big week. Some highlights:

  • I tried tempeh bacon for the first time at Frida’s Vegetarian Deli while visiting St. Louis, MO.
    Frida’s tempeh BLT was amazing! We went back and had the same thing the next day.
  • I had my first vegan boba tea at Boba Guys in the Mission in SF.
  • I had the first soy yogurt that I really liked. (The fruit flavored Silk yogurt, the only soy yogurt you can get anywhere.) It’s definitely sweet, but it’s pretty good.
  • I ordered (but have not yet tried) Phoney Baloney’s Coconut Bacon from Vegan Essentials.

However today I’m excited about this: a new vegan food truck is stationed a block from my house!

Hella Vegan Eats (also on Facebook), which does catering and hosts vegan pop-up brunches in the area, has a new food truck, stationed in Dolores Park for the weekend.


We tried almost everything: the Scallion Pancake Tacos (our favorite!!), Lusty Lovers Tacos (also good!), the Donut Burger (see below), and a chocolate cupcake.

Here’s the donut burger, in all it’s umbrellaed glory:

[Donut burger photo]

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