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Ginger molasses cookies

“Sparkled ginger cookies” from Vegan with a Vengeance (by Isa Chandra Moskowitz of Post Punk Kitchen fame) is my favorite cookie recipe so far. It doesn’t require any special ingredients, so we can pretty much make it whenever. I’m hoping that we’ll be able to make it when traveling to visit family.

You can find the recipe online in this blog post.

I’ve made this recipe twice — once as written, and once with additional liquid, resulting in a softer cookie (2/3 cup canola oil, 1/3 cup molasses, 1/3 cup soy milk). Both were delicious, although the latter was substantially messier dough to handle.

I recommend baking the recipe in two batches, on two cookie sheets. The first time around, I tried to be a hero and bake them all on one sheet, and sort of wound up with one giant cookie. It was still tasty!

Plate of cookies

Since this recipe is by a PPK host, I’ll end by mentioning the Post Punk Kitchen Forum. This is a great resource for sharing tips and asking questions related to vegan food, or just learning what is out there — restaurants, cookbooks, supermarket products, etc.